#TouristsAtHome - The Villa Reale in Monza

Here we are, one again describing "our" places, visiting them as tourists while normally we just pass through without even noticing. Today we're talking about our city, Monza, and its most precious jewel that, after being hidden for too long, is rising again: the Villa Reale


10 minutes from our home (walking distance) and how many times we've just passed by without a glimpse! How many times we've spent afternoons relaxing in its gardens without knowing its interior? How many times we've jogged in its park (one the biggest in Europe) without thinking of the historical, architectonic and cultural importance we were losing ... yes, we were about to lose the Villa Reale, but fortunately it has been saved in recent years and, even if its restoration is still underway, it's been reopened to the public. 


Made by Piermarini, wanted by the Habsburgs at the end of XVIII century, i.nitially loved, then hated and finally abandoned by Savoias, the Villa greets guests arriving from Viale Cesare Battisti with its U-form and with its wings spread like offering a huge hug. 


Don't hesitate, accept this hug and be amazed by its halls, it rooms and its history! 


You will find 2 visiting opitions:

  1. Royal Apartments - 1st Floor (€ 10): you will visit the apartments of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita, beautifully restored and mostly refurbished even if the majority of the original furniture it's not available (disappeared or taken somewhere else). The guided tour lasts 1.5 hour and it's interesting and funny with some anecdotes about court's life. The beautiful tapestry, paintings and ornaments will bring you back to last part of the XIX century. 
  2. Private Apartments - 2nd Floor (€13.5): during the last months very interesting photographic expositions were held here, like the Steve McCurry's one, but since February the apartments have become visitable with the help of virtual reality. We haven't tried yet but soon we're going to it.

Then you have a joint ticket for € 19. 

What to do after the visit? You can drink a refreshing tea or you can an happy hour at the Lounge Bar located on the ground floor, or you can stroll around the gardens and then go deep into the park (once Napoleon's hunting reserve) discovering its villas and farmsteads. 


We want to give credit to everyone involved into the Villa restoration because it is really beautiful, it is definitely worth a visit and it should be advertised because it is still not well-known both internationally and domestically.


Useful Info:

Website: www.reggiadimonza.it 

Hours: Tue-Sun 10-19.

Restaurant: www.lecucinedivillareale.it




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