A weekend in Copenhagen

On the Nyhavn in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is lively and pleasant city. You cannot compare it to the major capital in Europe because it doesn't have the historic and cultural depth of cities like London, Paris or Berlin and it doesn't have the magic atmosphere of cities like Prague or Budapest. However, Copenhagen is a perfect location for a weekend in an efficient, secure and colorful with a touch of madness. The Danish capital is also a lively city, packed with young students who hang out in many pubs and cafes ... so you'll enjoy spending you nights walking in the city centre. 

One thing's for sure ... Denmark is not a cheap place if you come from Italy (like we do), but money spent on vacation are always an investment! 

Where to sleep

We stayed at the Tivoli Hotel ( Link ) located a bit far from the city centre ( 25 minutes walking distance from the Strøget, 30 minutes from Nyhavn ), but next to Tivoli Gardens ( the city Luna Park ) and , however, perfectly linked to centre thank to the bus n° 34, whose stop is just in front of the reception. The room is clean and big enough for a weekend. If you want eat great sushi with Danish influences then you can take the elevator to the top floor of the hotel and try Sticks'n'Sushi ( Link ).


What to see

The Nyhavn - built by Christian V in the XVII century, the Nyhavn is probably the most know and photographed part of the city. Surely it's really typical ( and touristic ): small colorful wooden houses, tiny docked boats, restaurants, pubs ... it is worth a visit! 


The Strøget - a bit of shopping never hurts! This is the part of the city where you can walk among shops ... keep in mind that the Strøget is the longest pedestrian road in Europe, so be prepared for long walks.


Christiania - would you imagine an hippie and alternative in the heart of the Danish capital? Probably not, but that is what Christiania is! Christiania is the proof that everyone has a hidden personality. Visit Christiania and you'll understand ... but don't take pictures and don't chat on the mobile phone, the locals don't like these activities. 

Latinekvarteret - the latin quarter is not only in Paris! Copenhagen has its own and, obviously, is related to the University. Located not far from the Strøget, the Latinekvarteret is one the liveliest and most dynamic part of the city, full of historic buildings, like the Rundetårn (the 1642 observatory).


Christianshavn - probably the most picturesque part of the city, a part from Nyahvn. The Christianshavn Kanal sneaks among the houses and a series of boats and boathouses is docked along the shores. 


Tivoli Gardnes - one the most famous Luna Parks in Europe. A little overrated thinking about the price and the attractions, but it is a worth a visit because of the atmosphere that you can breath in.


The Little Mermaid - actually you could bypass this small statue ... but you can't say you have been to Copenhagen if you don't have a phot of her.

Some tips for your visit

We have organized our visit that way:

  • Day 1 : Slotsholmen (historic centre) - StrøgetLatinekvarteret - Nyhavn
  • Day 2 : Christianshavn ChristianiaTivoli Gardens
  • Day 3 : Amaliensborg SlotLittle MermaidRosenborg Slot  

Other infos

Food - If you don't eat fish... you'd better start! Seafood is the base of Danish diet. You can find herrings and salmon almost everywhere. Typical dish? The Smørrebrød, a sort of crouton with butter and hundreds of diverse dressings. Told & Snaps ( Link ) is the best place to try this Smørrebrød.



How to get to the airport - the airport is linked to the city center through Metro 2 ( M2 - Link ) and through the railway. It takes more or less 20 minutes to reach the Slotsholmen.


Hot to move around - by foot or by bike ... if you far from the city center then use public transports. The city is so small that you can reach everything by foot!

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