Slovenia - Ljubljana, the perfect base to visit the Carniola Region


Once again Ljubljana? Yes! If some days ago we talked about how to visiti the city in a day, today we want to talk about it as the perfect base to visit the surroundings. Here there are some trips you can do starting from Ljubljana.

Lake Bled


The most famous Slovenian Lake and maybe one of most famous in Europe is located only 54 kilometers from Ljubljana. Reaching it is very easy, on the contrary parking near the lake is quite difficult. What can we say about Bled? Wonderful! This lake is one of the few examples of a human activity that improves and makes almost magic something that was naturally beautiful.


Surrounded by Julian Alps, this lake with splendid green and turquoise water deserves to be visited and lived. For a quick visit ( as we did ) you can walk a part of the 6 kilometers path the goes around the lake. There are no main view points because the view is amazing from every spot around the lake.

The XI century castle perched on a hill ad a charming touch to the scenery! A reason to visit it? The amazing view that you'll enjoy from its walls ( Link , ticket: € 8 ).


If you enough time you can think about renting a platen, the typical Bled boat, in order to reach the small island located in the middle of the lake where you will find a church with its "wishing bell". If you stay at Bled multiple days, you can decide to visit the surroundings of the lake starting from the Vintgar Gorge ( Link ) and then going to visit the majestic hills above Lake Bled ( Link ).

Skofja Loka

A picture of Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka is just 30 kilometers from Ljubljana. A trip to this small town is the perfect way to play  a blast from the past. Dominated by a castle that dates from 1511, Skofja Loka is one of the oldest in Slovenia and in Mestni Trg you can discover the charm of the XVI century colorful houses. Go through the Cappuchin Bridge to enter in the town and discover its beauty: the castle, the river and its gorge, the medieval buildings.

Try to go to Skofja Loka ad dusk when the lamps light up making you feel part of a fairy tale.


Lake Bohinj

If you go to Bled, extend your trip to Lake Bohinj. Actually we suggest to see Lake Bohinj before going to Bled, because the comparison diminish the beauty of this lake. Here you will find an almost pristine nature and few tourists, lots of ducks and swans and the beautiful and tiny Church of St. John the Baptist (XV century). If you want, during summer, you can rent a kayak or do open air activities (climbing, biking, hiking...), but you don't have enough time just relax and enjoy the amazing view from the small bridge the leads to the church.


Skocjan Caves

Close to Trieste, Skocjan Caves ( Link ) are just an hour from Ljubljana in a region full of caves. We chose Skocjan instead of Postonja for two reasons: the presence of Reka river that flows inside the caves and the lower number of tourists.

The visit is well organized, in English or Italian, and you'll be guided underground (max. 160 meters below the ground level) for an hour and a half among beautiful and evocative limestone formations that show how short human time on earth is compared to the nature one.


These were the trips we were able to do while staying in Ljubljana! But the city and the region have more to offer, for example Radovlica, Postonja Caves and Predjama Castle. A reason to return in Slovenia!

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