Slovenia - 3 days time-traveling

The three days we spent in Trieste, Ljubljana, Primorska and Gorenjska were one of those travel that you remember forever, one of those travel that give you emotions, adventure, relax and fatigue, one of those travel that bring you in another dimension ... time-traveling among Medieval, Modern and Contemporary times.


Medieval Times

During this trip we went back in time to a period made of small towns, castles, churches and cathedrals. We did it in Trieste watching the amazing Saint Justus Cathedral (built in the XIV century) after having climbed steep and narrow streets that guide you up on Saint Justus hill; we did it walking on the small stone bridge facing Lake Bohinj headed to the small Church of St. John the Baptist; we did it admiring the magic of Lake Bled with its small island hidden in the fog and a castle that dates from XI century; we did it in the center of Skofja Loka strolling under the snow and among houses of the XVI century, guarded by the medieval castle and illuminated by a soft light as if electricity had been replaced again by oil lamps; we did it thanks to the food (soups and sausages) that was easy and poor but very good.


Modern Times

Unification of Italy Square

Our time-traveling then brought us to a time made of noble buildings and elegant urban development ... a time dominated by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg family, whose splendor is visible in the Unification of  Italy Square, a place where you can spend hours admiring the buildings and the beauty of the sea; it is visible also in the wonderful Miramare Castle where you can have a fantastic view over the city and the Istrian Coast; it is visible in the Slovenian pearl of Ljubljana that our friend Elisa (author of  Viaggi, Storia & Curiosità) defined as a city that steals your heart (here's the post)! We totally agree with her! Ljubljana is a tiny city along the Ljubljanica River, with the baroque Staro Mesto (old city) and the fabulous Prešernov Trg.

Contemporary Times

Finally, here we are to present days! A New Year's Eve begun in a restaurant along the Trieste port ( Alla Vecia Pescheria ) and then finished among the fireworks colors that illuminated the bay. Here we are in the 2016 in a festively decorated Ljubljana. Here we are in the millennium eating Kranjska Klobasa under the snow, walking along the Ljubljanica in young and lively city. Here we are on Slovenian road that are clean despite the heavy snow enjoying wonderful white landscapes. Here we are back at home with a tremendous sunset, the right conclusion of our time-traveling.


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