Namibia - The Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon

Day Three - Western landscapes in Namibia

We leave the Kalahari Desert with a bit of regret, but the trip continues towards South! We stop by Mariental (12.000 inhabitants) for petrol and we see a slice of everyday life in these "cities" where Namibians have everything they need while we would miss almost everything!

Our  X-Trail runs fast along the B1 and just before Keetmanshoop we deviate from the highway to visit the Quiver Tree Forest, a forest made of aloes with strange and photogenic leaves that grow only in Namibia. You have to pay 150 NAD ( € 9 ) to visit the Quiver Tree Forest ... if you're not in hurry then stop by because the visit is pleasant, otherwise you can easily pass by, since you'll see lots of quiver trees for free in the southern part of Namibia. 

After Keetmanshoop the gravel road that brings us to the the Fish River Canyon begins. A series of plateaus unfolds on the horizon, while around us the landscape gets drier and rockier. We're alone in the middle of nothing ... a sensation of pure and full freedom, that it's difficult to explain!

After 113 kilometers in the middle of a beautiful and peaceful nothing we arrive at the Canyon Village. This wonderful lodge, surrounded by a "western" atmosphere, is made of rocky houses that are perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. We enjoy the sunset drinking beer, chatting with a local guy and taking lots of pictures. 

At 6.30 pm, as always, it's dinner time ... we're already synchronized with Namibian lifestyle!

Day Four - The Fish River Canyon

At 6 am we're already awaken, ready for the dawn, for a good breakfast and a morning at the Fish River Canyon. Extending for almost 160 kilometers, the Fish River Canyon is second only to the American Grand Canyon, but the landscapes are equally amazing ... the best one is probably at Hikers Point.


After 3 hours spent taking photos, we get back to our car in order to reach the Fish River Lodge where a room on the edge of the canyon is waiting for us. Along the road the prediction of  "Madame Mim" Federica comes true and it starts to rain! Just for 5 minutes, just a shower of rain... but there's rain Namibia ... unbelievable! We take a really beautiful stretch of B4 and then again alone along a gravel road in the middle of country that is making us fall in love! 


The last 20 kilometers of gravel road are the only ones that made us reduce our speed under 30km/h and that upset Federica, totally focused on warning me about the pitfalls on the road. The view from our terrace on the edge of the valley carved by the Fish River, however, is totally worth the fatigue and long stretch on gravel road.  This time we organize our sundowner by ourselves following a small path near the lodge and the choice proves to be totally right. The clouds, full of rain during the morning, become the perfect partners of a bright red sun painting a wonderful picture.. we feel Africa and its sunsets ... we are there, alone, enjoying the wonder of nature in the silence... Pure Magic!

#StayTuned ...

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