Half a Day in Trieste

Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia - Trieste

It's always a pity to spend so few time in a city! We didn't really visit Trieste, we just met her and then we had to go away. Despite the few hours, Trieste struck us and made us want to visit her again ... that's why, if you're planning a trip in the Balkans, we suggest you to stop by Trieste and enjoy her ... Trieste won't disappoint you.

Where to sleep

We stayed at the B&B Al Mitico Eremita ( Link ). It is a nice and small villa with two tiny and clean rooms with private bathroom ( the bathroom is located outside of the room ).

If you want to reach the city center you have to use the car or public transports, but Sira, the B&B owner, is very kind and she will help you giving you all the info you need ... and you'll love the top breakfast she prepares. The various Lonely Planet guidebooks at the entrance are hint of the fact that Sira is a great traveller ... 

The Mitico Eremita is good value for money considering that you spend € 60 for New Year's Eve staying in a comfortable environment. 

Where to eat

Il ristorante Alla Vecia Pescheria

Having stayed there just for one night we couldn't experience so many restaurants but Alla Vecia Pescheria ( Link ) surely was a tasteful one. The restaurant is located close to Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, it is small and a family-run one.

Despite it was New Year's Eve, the restaurant was a great value for money, quality food and low prices. We enjoyed: jota ( a typical soup made of beans, sauerkrauts and potatoes ), patate in tech ( a local way of cooking potatoes with onions ) and a finger-licking fry-up. The total, adding a good glass of white wine and a coke, was just € 39.50 ... nothing!


The city in less than a day

If the sun shines when you wake up, then try to reach the Castello di Miramare ( Sito Web ), by car or by bus ( lines 6 o 36 ). Stroll in the park and enjoy the morning light over Trieste and the Adriatic coast.  The castle is still furnished and it can be visited more or less in an hour with an audioguide.


Then go back to the city center and try to find a parking spot on the waterfront. Start your tour from  Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, an amazing mix of 1800s buildings, and go on towards Piazza della Borsa, where the buildings are multicolor and elegant.

Take Via della Cassa di Risparmio up to the Canal Grande di Trieste that is not comparable to the Venetian one, but, however, has its own charm thanks to the sea on the background, to the tiny docked boats and to the colorful buildings ( among them the most important is Palazzo Gopcevich ). Finally looking the sea, the neoclassical Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Traumaturgo closes the Canal Grande.

Even the Serbian-Orthodox Temple of San Spiridione overlooks the Canal Grande and it's the starting point of the road that leads to the Roman Theatre and to the è Colle di San Giusto, that you can climb while visiting the Old city centre up to  Via della Cattedrale where the amazing Gothic-Romanesque Cattedrale di San Giusto ( Link ) that is completely free. Next to the Cathedral you can find the Castello di San Giusto that overlooks the hill and the whole Trieste ( Link ).

The trip is getting to the end... Take the way back to Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia sparing some minutes to visit the Basilica di San Silvestro ( XII century ).

The Itinerary

Here it is the map of this 3 kilometres long itinerary that it's good way to initially know the shy Trieste... We're sure that you'll want to come back again to better know her!

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