Switzerland - Bernina Train: a train up in the air ( from Tirano to Diavolezza )

The Bernina Range... more than 4000 meters


Last week we shared with you the practical information to organize a trip on the Little Red Train of Bernina, today we want to tell you our adventure hoping that it can be useful for you and trying to give voice to the emotions we felt on this train.

Sleep in Tirano in order to take the train as early as possible

If you have at most two days to enjoy your Bernina trip, then you should spend a night in Tirano in order to wake up in the morning and take the first available train having a slept with relax.

We were lucky to find the b&b Ostello del Castello ( Link ) where we sent just few hours because we arrived in Tirano in the evening. The b&b is really nice and fully renovated.

Andrea, the owner, helped us define our trip on the Red Train giving us useful advices about the best stops and about what is possibile to in just one day. The room ( € 105 per night ) was up to then stadards we had, very comfortable, clean and provided with a nice bathroom. The b&b is located 10 minutes far from Tirano railway stations ( both the Italian and the Swiss one ) and 5 minutes from the old town centre and you can find free parking in the vicinity.


Despite being small, Tirano is town with interesting attractions that unfortunately we couldn't visit because of a lack of time. The old town centre, in particular, reveals the important medieval past of the city; the Santuario della Madonna di Tirano is surely worth a visit.


Important: restaurants in Tirano close approximately at 9.30/10 pm, so keep it mind while you organize your trip.

Tirano - Diavolezza: every turn is a spectacle

At 9 o'clock our train left from Tirano railway station ... the first interesting stop, in particular for photographers, is near Brusio where the train runs on the spiral viaduct, that is the symbol the centennial of this railway, giving us wonderful images... We decided to lower the windows and we started shooting ...

After Brusio, the train arrives at Miralago stop reaching the Poschiavo Lake that is mainly frozen during wintertime. In front of us the small towns of Le Prese and Poschiavo, on the background the ridges covered with snow and the alpine landscapes ... magic is taking shape.

There is a nice ( especially in Spring/Summer ) and easy walk that starts fro Miralago and runs around the lake, but it takes too much time ( 2 hours ) if you want to stop somewhere else during the day


Without noticing it we have reached 1000 meters above sea level, but it is from now on that the Little Red Train starts its real climb towards the Bernina Pass ( 2300 meter ).

The train starts to climb the mountains giving us amazing views over the Poschiavo Valley at every turn ... Federica jumps from a window to another to shoot and almost all our travelmates do the same leaving all the windows open despite the chill air coming from outside. Everyone is in turmoil. 


We reach Cavaglia ( 1695 meters ) where there are some interesting hiking that can be done during Spring or Summer and bring to the Glaciers Garden ( Link ) while during wintertime are covered with white and soft snow. The train continues in its climb towards Alp Grum ( 2091 meters ) under the severity of Piz Palù and its glacier. The contrast between blu sky and white snow, united with the amazing view over the Poschiavo Valley, is something amazing.

At Alp Grum, if you want, you can stop for eating something or for taking some niche photos, but we decided to continue our journey in order to arrive as early as possible at Diavolezza. The landscape around us is incredibile since we reached a sort of plateau surrounded by the Alps that hosts the entirely frozen White Lake ... the red train is the only spot in an enchanting total white nature ... Amazing!



Have you ever been on this "Little Red Train"? Do you agree with the information we gave? Leave us a comment and follow us if you are interested in this topic.

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