Lisbon - Love at first sight!

Sunset at Belem Tower

We are back from three full days in Lisbon, ready to share with you ori impressions and the emotions that this city gave us!

Not an ordinary place

You realize that Lisbon is not an ordinary place when you organize your trip, when you listen to the passonate reviews of people who already visited it: the majority fell in love with it, while others really dislike it.

We are definitely in the first group, because not only we enjoyed Lisbon ... we fell in love with Lisbon! It was love at first sight, born while we were still on the airplane during our landing, when the Tagus estuary, the colorful neighborhoods and all the most important attractions are visibile with the Atlantic Ocean in background.


A love that grew bigger and bigger after every hour, after every small alley of Bairro Alto, Alfama or Santa Caterina where the decadent and rétro style and charm of the city is at its best with colorful houses leaned over steep and small streets crossed by old style trams, washing lines on balconies that wave like flags and tiny little shops and restaurants where you can feel the popular tradition of fado and the nice taste of pastéis de nata

What can we say, then, about the amazing monuments of this city? Beautiful, interesting and photogenic ... we could have spent hours in Convento do Carmo, a mighty fiifteenth-century church destroyed by the 1755 earthquake and transformed in an archaeological museum where the location is better than the contents of the exposition. The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos amazing and powerful, the perfect example of Manueline style and of the importance of the discoveries made by explorers in the XXV century .

Simply amazing the Belém Tower kissed by sunbeams ... you could spent hours there relaxing with a fresh bear enjoying such a landscape. 


We could go on and on with  Sé ( the Cathedral  ), the São Jorge Castle, the Estrela Cathedral, the Parliament ... 

It is impossibile not to fall in love with the miradouros, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the city and you can relax having a fresh beer while street artists play their music; and what about Rossio and its amazing fountains or what about the ginjinha, the azulejos, the food so good and so simple, the bridges, the relaxing gardens and parks, the new and lively docas ( a new neighborhood born at the docks )... everything is amazing!


Of course, Lisbon is untidy, dirty and imperfect ... but its charm lays in its imperfection that makes the hashish dealer, that tries to sell you its stuff in broad daylight, a part of the folklore of a city that we loved not so much because of its strengths, but because of how it managed to make beautiful its everyday life and its weaknesses. 



Have you ever been in Lisbon? What do you think about? Do you agree with us, share your thought about this beautiful city!

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