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Eilean Donan Castle

In Scotland you will find a castle, or what remains of a castle, in every place! Some are fascinating and suggestive, some others are not unforgettable ruins.

In this post we would like to give you some suggestions about the castles which we appreciated more during our trip.

Edinburgh Castle

This castle, built at the top of a hill in the middle of the city, has been overlooking the city of Edinburgh since XI century. It is a fortress, well conserved, which hosts different attractions among which the Great Hall and the Crown Jewels of Scotland.


The entrance ticket is quite expensive ( £ 17 per person) and it includes a free guided tour; while adding £ 3.50 you can have an audioguide which will lead you in the visit of the Castle.


Suggestion: buy the ticket on castle's website in order to avoid long queue at the entrance.


Anecdote: inside the castle, St. Margaret's Chapel represents the oldest building of all city. It was built almost a millenium ago, surviving to bombs and sieges.


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Stirling Castle

Stirling is History, Stirling is William Wallace, Stirling is Scotland


Stirling Castle is an obliged stop-hover for who wants to discover the spirit of Scotland and for who is fascinated from its history and in general from Medieval history.


The castle has always been the favorite residence of Scotland kings, likely for its strategic position; it has been the scenario of William Wallace heroic gestures and of the great Indipendence battles during XIII and XV centuries.

Such as Edinburgh castle, Stirling is a real fortress with different buildings inside among which the famous Great Hall.


The ticket costs 15 £ and it includes one hour free tour which allows you to experience part of the medieval atmosphere of the place.


Suggestion: look for a park along the streets of the Old town which is a nice place to have a walk; here you will find also the visitor center where to buy tickets for the castle.


Anectdote:  inside royal apartments people with medieval costumes will answer to every kind of questions giving you some details about castle life and medieval habits and making your visit much more interactive and interesting.


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Eilean Donan Castle

If Scotland is often associated to the perfect mix between nature and castles, a little bit credit goes also to this wonderful manor house located in West Highlands on a little island in the middle of Loch Duich and surrounded by Cullin Mountains. This fascinanting place has also become the setting of different movies such as Entrapment and 007 - The World is not enough. 


Photography lovers prepare your cameras because here you will spend a lot of time experiencing different exposures and framing.


Suggestion: the castle is located along A87 - near Dornie and it is an ideal stop-hover for who is going or is coming back from Skye. From the parking the view is already perfect to admire the castle and to take pictures; thus, maybe, it's not worth paying £ 7.50 for the entrance as the interiors are completely rebuilt.


Anecdote: at the beginning of XX century the castle was completely rebuilt by McRae family and it's now used as their summer house.


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Dunottar Castle

The ruins of this castle are located few kilometers far from Stonehaven, overlooking the North Sea. A so fascinating place that here the famous film director Zeffirelli set up his "Hamlet".

A simple path leads to the castle; if you want you can enter paying 7 £, otherwise you can admire the castle and shooting photos from the cliffs near the castle.


Suggestion: pay attention to closing time (5.30 pm during the summer). We chose to admire the castle from the cliff on the right which overlooks on a beautiful beach.


Anecdote: the Dunottar castle was one of the main castle of Scotland and here Crown jewel were conserved for many years.


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Castle Stalker

Another place which will make you dream remembering Medieval time...Castle stalker is a manor house, recently renovated, placed on a little island in the middle of Loch Laich along the coastal road which leads to Oban. 

The castle is a private house actually not open to public and it's easy to not notice it...just some indications: along the A828, 3 km after Polanach if you arrive from the North and 2 km after Kinlochlaich if you arrive from the South.


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Castle Sinclair

The ruins of Castle Sinclair are located in North HIghlands, few kilometers far from the town of Wick. The castle is sorrounded by cliffs and in the background you can the Orcades islands. The ruins can be reached with a short walk and the visit is completely free.



the castle is known as Castle Sinclair Gringoe since the ruins include those of Castle Gringoe, built in XV century, and those of Castle Sinclair, built and merged with the first one during XVII century.

Kilchurn Castle

For Visit Scotland is one of the most fascinating castle of the entire Country. The ruins of this manor house are located in a quiet place near a little town called Dalmally, at the extremity of Loch Awe. The path for the castle is not so well indicated. To help you we can say that the castle is along the A85, approximately 3 km from Dalmally. The visit is totally free


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