Hi everyone ... and welcome on our blog!


We are Marco and Federica, an Italian couple who loves traveling and who wants to share its passion and its experiences with you, hoping that it'll be useful and entertaining.


We are "Poppackers" and you'd say "Whaaaat" ? It's a mix between the words Pop and Backpackers.


Who's a Poppacker? A Poppacker is a "normal" traveler that, for many reasons, can't pack his stuff and start roaming around the world. Someone who wants to know how, when and where is going to go before leaving, because he has only two weeks of vacation or simply wants to be organized. A traveler with his manias and his needs that finds it hard to adapt himself to certain conditions, but tries his best to overcome his problems due to his will to discover the world.


Are we too ordinary? Maybe, but we do really enjoy our trips and we hope you'll do too!


We are Fly&Drive lovers, since Marco loves to drive and we think that exploring a country by car helps you to discover hidden spots and to get closer to the day-by-day life of the people.


If you think you are a Poppacker then follow us! You won't regret it!


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something about us


Federica is tv-series addicted with a passion for chocolate. She couldn't live without her morning coffee and her hottie!


Marco loves watching sports, he's a football fanatic and he's the "travel agent" of the couple, always looking for a new destination to discover!