Scotland is the country in Europe where you can truly bring you back to Medieval Times, a period of great knights, of famous battles and of great intrigues... sometimes you'd want to leave your car and to saddle up discovering a wild and enchanting nature riding a wonderful horse.


Visiting Scotland ... Why?


Because a trip to Scotland can be very interesting both from a cultural and naturalistic point of view. You'll find yourself surrounded by amazing landscapes that vary from crystal clear lakes and gentle hills to harsh cliffs swept by strong winds and gloomy mountains. You will discover charming ruins and beautiful and well preserved castles. You'll visit small towns and a great city like Edinburgh ... everything in a single country. 


Main Attractions


During a road trip in Scotland almost every Loch could be a good subject for your picture, every island hide beautiful landscapes and every castle can be interesting and mysterious... below you find a list of what impressed us the most during our road trip. Keep in mind that we didn't visit the Orkneys and Hebrides Islands.

These 4 experiences are the most Scottish ones in our opinion... but there other interesting places, like the Dunottar Castle or Duncansby Head, or Inverness, or Oban ... Scotland is waiting for you!

useful info

Capital: Edinburgh

Population: 5.5 millions of inhabitants

Time Zone: Scotland is in the GMT time zone

Currency: Pound (GBP) - 1.097 € ( 2017 )


when to go to scotland

We visited Scotland in June when temperatures are on average around 15 degrees: cooler in the Highlands and on the Isle of Skye, warmer in Edinburgh where we reached 24/25 degrees.

July and August are not the best months to visit Scotland because of the mosquitos that invade the Highlands.

The bes period to visit Scotland is surely Spring time when chance of rain are lower and the sun starts to set late in the evening, a thing that is very important because it gives you more time to visit the attractions.

other info

Roads are all in good condition but, especially in the Highlands, they are so narrow that they become single track roads with passing places created to allow that two-ways traffic. So be careful when driving and keep in mind that in Scotland you drive on the right side!


Phone coverage is almost absent in the Highlands and on the Isle of Skye. We know it sound a bit crazy that in Scotland there are problems with your mobile phone but it is a reality. Also wifi is not really quick in the small towns of the Highlands.


On the contrary, no problems with fuel. There's an oil station almost in every town.


Free camping is allowed in Scotland! Did you know that ? This means that if you like adventure and open spaces you can really save a lot. All you'll need is a car, a tent and a portable stove then you can choose where you want to sleep: on a beach, in a forest ... 


If you are more for a Poppackers' style of holiday then you can choose among a lot of Bed and Breakfasts. Fly&Drive is the best solution to visit Scotland with a round trip that starts and ends in Edinburgh.

itneraries - scotland


10 days to visit Scotland starting and coming back to Edinburgh. Before reaching the Highlands you'll stop in Inverness and then you'll drive along the North Coast 500 sleeping in Tongue and Applecross. Two nights on the Isle of Skye and then you'll go back to Edinburgh passing by Oban and Loch Lomond.


Scozia - Edimburgo da Calton Hill

Time in Edinburgh seems incredibly stuck in the moment in which, two centuries ago, the New Town with its wide avenues was added to the Old Town that had become too small to host the growing number of citizens with ...

Scozia - Neist Point sull'Isola di Skye

Skye is not the heaven on earth, it is not the place where you'd want to spend the rest of your life, it is not the dreamt white sandy Caribbean beach! The Isle of Skye is swept by strong winds and crossed by dark and low ...

Scozia - Castello di Inverness

In Scotland you can find a castle or what remains of it almost in every place! Some are really fascinating and suggestive, others are simply ruins not at all unforgettable ....


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