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Capital: Abu Dhabi

Population: 9.3 millions of inhabitants

Time Zone: United Arab Emirates are 3 hours ahead of Italy, but since there's no Summer Time from March till October UAE are just 2 hours ahead of Italy.

Currency: Emirates Dirham (AED) - 0.232 € (2017)

when to go

The best time of the year to visit the UAE goes from November to March, when temperatures get more bearable, almost mild, around 30° during daylight with moderate humidity. Sea water remains around 25°, perfect a bath at noon.


On the contrary,  visiting the country during Summer is almost impossible due to the unbearable heat, temperatures can reach 50° and the only way to survive is staying in malls provided with air conditioning.


Chances of rain are low all year long ( almost 100mm a year ), however some raindrops can fall more likely during Winter. Sandstorms are more likely, especially during Spring.


We visited the UAE in November finding sunny day despite a thick haze. At noon temperatures were around 35° making walking around the city by foot unpleasant ... so we spent those hours on the beach enjoying the beautiful Persian Gulf water. During the morning or after 4 pm weather was perfect: 25° and a nice spring-like breeze.

packing tips

One of the main concerns we had about this road trip was related to the dress code. Having said that respecting the culture and the traditions of other countries is always a good thing, the dress code in the UAE is not a problem at all; as a matter of fact western outfits are tolerated and accepted. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and even in Sharjah, the most traditional emirate, you can see women dressed with their abaya and women with jeans and shirts and even with skirts. So don't worry, you won't get arrested because of your dress, even if hot-pants or huge cleavages are not welcomed especially in small towns.


On the beach there a no problems too... you can see bikinis almost everywhere, only topless is really forbidden.


We read that air conditioning could be so strong that you need to cover up when entering in malls or hotels ... actually we didn't experience this problem.

how to move around

UAE cities are so vast and huge that it's almost impossibile to walk from an attraction to another ( e.g. Dubai Marina is more than 20 kilometers far from Burj Khalifa ). The best way to move around is using taxis that are not expensive.


Dubai is provided with a metro that links Deira to Dubai Marina ... the problem is that many attractions are really far from the metro station. A ticket from Dubai Marina to Burj Khalifa costs almost € 2.


Renting a car can be another good solution. They drive on the left side and all roads are paved, the only problem is related to driving directions that are non always clear, in particular in small towns. 

Surely you don't have to worry about petrol, there are petrol stations everywhere and a full tank costs less than € 15!



This was our itinerary in the UAE! It starts from the capital, Abu Dhabi, where to visit the amazing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and where you can relax on the white beach of Saadiyat Island. Then you rent a car to leave the coast and discover the Bedouin traditions of Al Ain and the definitely "nonglamorous" lifestyle of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaima, where you can try a wonderful night in the desert. Finally a trip to the Musandam Peninsula before getting to Sharjah, the cultural capital, and Dubai. 

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