UAE, United Arab Emirates, are mainly known as a country where tradition and authenticity have been traded with modernity, excessive luxury, oil and skyscrapers. Actually the UAE hide ancient Bedouin traditions still alive, especially if you live the two main cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in order to visit the inland and less known areas.


Visiting the UAE ... Why ?


Because a trip to the UAE will make you discover a country that you must visit and know before you can judge it. Because you will find wonderful mosques, lively souqs where you can buy almost anything you're looking for ( spices, clothes, even camels ), interesting museums that tell history and traditions of Arabian people. A trip to the UAE will make you understand the differences that characterize this country, because the small town in the inland are a completely different world from the metropolises on the coastline. Finally the Desert with its magic and its colors ... a trip in the UAE would not be complete without a night in desert!


Main Attractions


As already told, there's a lot more than just Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. Here you can find the four things that you can't miss in a UAE road trip.

A visit to Sharjah is another extremely interesting experience, since Sharjah is the cultural capital of the UAE with its museums, mosques and traditional souqs. We haven't put it in the previous list since we spent only few hours in Sharjah, but it is surely one of the places we'd like to visit again in the UAE.

useful info

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Population: 9.3 millions of inhabitants

Time Zone: The UAE are 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Time Zone. 

Currency: Dirham of UAE (AED) - 0.232 € (2017)

when to go to the uae

The best period to visit the UAE goes from November to March when temperatures become bearable, even mild, being around 30° during the day with a moderate humidity. During winter time water temperature is around 25° thus it is perfect for a swim in the nice water of the Gulf. It's almost impossibile to visit the UAE during Summer when maximum temperatures are around 50° and the only way to survive is to close up in the air-conditioned malls.


We visited the UAE in November and we had sunny days with a lot of mist. However maximum temperatures were around 35° thus during the hottest hours we decided to relax on the beach and to have a swim in Persian Gulf. Mornings and late afternoons were the best moments of the day with a perfect weather: 25° and shallow breeze.

what to pack

One of the main concerns we had before our road trip in the UAE was related to the dress code and the stuff to bring with us. In our opinion when you travel you should try to respect the cultures you're going to visit but, having said that, the dress code in the UAE is not a problem at all. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and even Sharjah, the most traditionalist emirate, you can see women wearing traditional abayas and women wearing t-shirts and shorts. So, unless you try topless, no one will bother you, even if it's better not to exceed with your neckline, especially if you visit the inland: it's a matter of respect.


No problems at all with bikinis at the beach ... as we told you before, topless is the only thing that is forbidden.

how to move around in the uae

In the UAE cities are so huge that it is almost impossible to visit them on foot. Taxi is the best way to move around. There are so many taxis on the streets and they're truly affordable.

Dubai is also provided with a subway that links Deira with Dubai Marina, but many attractions are far form the metro stations. A ticket from Dubai Marina to the Burj Khalifa costs around € 2.


Renting a car is the best way to move across the UAE. Roads are in very good condition but sometimes signals are not perfectly clear, especially in the small towns in the inland. As you can imagine, fuel is not a problem at all: it costs only € 0.4 per liter!

UAE - Itineraries


This was our itinerary! It starts from Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, where you can visit the amazing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and where you can relax on the white sandy beach of Saadyiat Island. Then the real road trip starts from Al Ain and continues with the inland area of Fujairah and Ras al-Kaimah where the you can see the authentic Bedouin spirit that still lives in the Arabic Peninsula.  After a beautiful night in the desert, a trip in the Omani Musandam Peninsula precedes the visit of Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE, and of Dubai.

UAE - What to do

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